Tautachrome (OTCQB: TTCM) Announces Official Issuance of its Touch-to-Comm Patent, its second KlickZie trusted imagery technology patent to issue

ORO VALLEY, Ariz., April 02, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Tautachrome, Inc. (OTCQB:TTCM) today announced the issuance of its wholly owned US Patent number 9,928,352, a key KlickZie technology patent that aims to turn smartphone imagery into “touch-to-comm” portals of social interaction.

Tautachrome’s touch-to-comm patent is the second of six KlickZie patents pending to issue. The other four patents pending cover code protection inside the smartphone and additional touch-to-com claims.  

KlickZie’s touch-to-comm technology intends to make it possible for viewers of smartphone imagery everywhere to readily and safely interact with the authors and viewers of smartphone pictures from every source, and from any place in the world, using the imagery as the portal of instant communication. Effective communication requires KlickZie marking and crypto technologies that protect the interactions it enables with advanced tamper detection and imagery ownership recognition technologies that reside in the phone, in the KlickZie cloud, and in the imagery itself. The KlickZie touch-to-comm patent describes the KlickZie system that achieves KlickZie’s social interaction objectives with the required protections in place. 

Dr. Jon N Leonard, Tautachrome CEO, said today: “KlickZie’s Touch-to-Comm technology deploys the same powerful marking and cryptographic methods that are described in the KlickZie trusted imaging patent, US patent # 9,582,843 that issued last year. These same methods are now also being deployed in KlickZie’s new cryptocurrency ecosystem based on the KlickZie KLK token and KlickZie’s zChain blockchain developed late last year for the monetizing of KlickZie imagery. I marvel at KlickZie trusted imaging reaching to both touch-to-comm and the blockchain. What began as marking and crypto techniques to achieve trusted imaging has now reached into marking and crypto techniques underpinning both trusted social interactions, and trusted cryptocurrency transactions on KlickZie’s new cryptocurrency ecosystem.”

The company has also begun developing patentable technology to apply our marking and crypto methods to the achievement of trustable audio files.

About Tautachrome, Inc. Tautachrome, Inc. (OTCQB:TTCM) is an emerging growth company in both the blockchain/crypto-currency sector and the smartphone picture and video technology sector of the internet technology space. Tautachrome has high-speed blockchain concepts under development aiming to couple with the Company’s patents in smartphone-image authentication and imagery-based social networking interaction.

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