Tautachrome (OTC: TTCM) Announces Completion of its First Annual Nationwide Augmented Reality Scavenger Hunt “ARk Hunt 2019”

ORO VALLEY, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / September 27, 2019 / Tautachrome, Inc. (OTC:PINK:TTCM) today announced the competition of ARk Hunt 2019, its first annual nationwide augmented reality scavenger hunt.

Augmented Reality Scavenger Hunt Completion

Tautachrome is excited to announce the successful completion of ARk Hunt 2019, its first annual augmented reality scavenger hunt. The event took place in all 50 states across the United States and ran from September 20th to September 27th. Participants were provided clues for locating and collecting augmented reality “ARks” from within the ARknet application.

The event successfully demonstrated the viability and scalability of the ARknet application to a wider audience. We released 3 major updates in advance of the event and 2 more important updates while the event was occurring. All of the releases were stable, and the application infrastructure supported additional users with 100% availability.

As part of the event we also attempted to achieve a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for the largest augmented reality scavenger hunt in one week. Although we saw participation in 31 out of 50 states this year, we fell short of achieving the record. We plan on holding the ARk Hunt event again next year to successfully capture the world record! Our operational team is meeting today with GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ adjudicator Philip Robertson to validate this 2019 official attempt. Final results for prize winners are being audited and will be announced soon. We look forward to ARk Hunt 2020!

Augmented Reality Scavenger Hunts as an ARknet In-App Product

ARk Hunt 2019 was a great success as much of the development for the event prepared our platform for the future release of public ARks. Our development team was able to live load test the platform and implement large scale deployment of ARks remotely while observing user interactions with the ARks. Additional planning is underway to potentially offer augmented reality scavenger hunts to ARknet users for their own purposes, via in-app purchases. We envision these additional services as an opportunity to drive additional revenue within the ARknet application.

Additional enhancements to the ARknet application will be announced on Monday.

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