Tautachrome (OTC:TTCM) Announces ARknet Segment on AMC’s Nationally Broadcasted NewsWatch TV Show During Their Upcoming January 27th CES 2020 Review Episode

ORO VALLEY, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / November 26, 2019 / Tautachrome, Inc. (OTC PINK:TTCM) Today Announced an ARknet Segment on AMC’s Nationally Broadcasted NewsWatch TV Show During Their Upcoming January 27th CES 2020 Review Episode.

NewsWatch TV Segment

On January 27th 2020 NewsWatch TV will run their most viewed annual CES review episode which highlights some of the best that show had to offer. During this episode show hosts will be doing a review of our ARknet platform for their viewers which is expected to be over 750,000.

Additional 1,300+ 30 Second ad spots on DirectTV

In addition to the segment on NewsWatch TV ARknet will have 1,300+ 30 Second ad spots run across the DirectTV news cluster. The DirectTV news cluster consists of Bloomberg, CNBC, CNN, Fox News, Fox Business, HLN, MSNBC, and OAN. DirectTV has over 20,000,000 Subscribers nationwide.

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Additional Tautachrome Statement

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About Tautachrome, Inc: Tautachrome, Inc. (OTC:TTCM) is an emerging growth company in the internet applications space, uniquely exploiting the technologies of the Augmented Reality sector, the blockchain/cryptocurrency sector and the smartphone picture and video technology sector. Tautachrome has high-speed blockchain concepts under development aiming to couple with the Company’s revolutionary patents and associated patents pending in augmented reality, smartphone-image authentication and imagery-based social networking interaction. The development of novel patent pending ARknet technology exploiting augmented reality in a radical new solution to the purchasing interaction between global consumers and providers has been licensed by the Company for development and commercialization.

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