CEO NOTES: Taking The Lead In The New Frontier of AR

As one of our shareholders you already know that we are working hard to take the lead in the new frontier of augmented reality, AR. Augmented reality looks forward to when virtual interfaces augment our stable, physical world, appearing to be a fixed part of the real world. There are a million reasons why effectively implemented AR technology will create enormous change and value to human life. And there is only one reason that AR is not already here: making virtual things appear as fixed as the statues in the park is hard to do. It requires new technology, technology which I personally am also working very hard to achieve.

You may also know that we refer to virtual interfaces that can be treated like fixed parts of the real-world as “ARks,” thinking of them as being both fixed and also as being containers of valuable or exciting things for people to interact with. To this end, we have developed the ARknet Platform, aiming to be the Platform that lets people and business everywhere populate the environment with business-effective and people-effective ARks.

The Platform has been formed to accommodate small, medium and large businesses. In addition to preparing for providing AR, the platform has bundled together the other elements of user interaction including video, user privacy, data security, user ownership of creatives, and blockchain enhanced commerce.

For small business, our Platform provides a full featured and functioning AR-enabled mobile marketplace, “MainSt.Shopping,” that lets the business conveniently package its sales process from marketing to delivery, allowing consumers to buy goods and services directly via the business’s Ark.

For medium size business in a given vertical, the Platform provides a hosting place where businesses of that type can easily create an AR presence using the tools of the vertical. And for large businesses the platform is readily white labeled to handle the functionality of AR under their own name.

-Dr. Jon Leonard, Tautachrome CEO

About Tautachrome, Inc: Tautachrome, Inc. (OTC: TTCM) is an emerging growth company in the Internet applications space. The company has licenses, patents, and patents pending in augmented reality, smartphone image authentication, and imagery-based social networking. The company is leveraging these technologies to develop privacy and security-based applications for global business and personal use.

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